Institute Staff Directory

Institute for Wealth Advisors (IWA)

Institute for Life & Annuity (ILA) Advisor Services

Main Number 972.450.6000               Fax Number 972.450.6001

Platform, Marketing Support, Recruiting, Licensing, IAR Onboarding, Compensation Payout, Life & Fixed Annuity Licensing and Contracting


Rusty Moore, CEP®   x 101

Director of Natl Recruiting

John Moore   x 112

Business Development, Recruiting

Director of Advisor Svcs

Tom Fincher   x 103

Licensing, Compliance, Advisor Payout

Director of Admin Svcs

Lisa Hiller   x 102

Admin Services, Advisor Payout

Chief Financial Officer

Don Schulz   x 105


Compliance Consultant

Scott Brooks   x 104

Advertising and Compliance

Director of Communications

Susan Patton, PMP®   x 107

Communications, Events, Website