Business Planning


We at The Institute for Wealth Advisors believe that you can advise your clients, and fill their needs appropriately by providing investment advisory services using primarily fee-based Managed Money programs along with life insurance and annuity products and services.

While many securities-registered financial advisors have been accustomed to using packaged products such as mutual funds, variable, individual stocks bonds, and ETF’s as their investment vehicle choices, these often carry heavy internal fees or transaction costs. We offer what we believe is a better way: Separately Manages Accounts (SAM,s) through our fee-based advisor platform. Your clients get fee-based professional management of their assets with the added bonus of you working as their personal Investment Advisors Representative. Most strategies used in a mutual fund, stock or bond portfolios can often be more efficiently and cost effectively employed in a Manage Money advisory SMA account with more transparency, lower transaction cost and the opportunity for enhanced performance.

Over the past few years, annuity and life insurance products have improved dramatically, from products that provide only a death benefit or a stream of income into a new generation of products that are now efficient tax-sheltered cash accumulation vehicles that can also provide for an array of needs both now and in the future. We can show you how to help your clients review and replace older, inefficient or out of date products.